Essay on The Separation Of A Divorce

Essay on The Separation Of A Divorce

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Going through a divorce is typically traumatizing, not only to the married but also to the entire family. The separation of couples is due to a wide range of factors that vary accordingly. These include but are not limited to affairs, financial issues, distrust, inability to communicate, lack of intimacy, loss of feelings for one another, and stress. Without a doubt, divorce is a very discouraging thing for people to endure. The people often overlooked throughout the process of a divorce, surprisingly enough, are the children. Children found in the middle of a divorce are very susceptible to developing trust issues, social problems, and often struggle academically.
Successful relationships start with a foundation of trust and respect for one another. Being able to maintain trust in relationships is often a challenge for children coming from divorced parents, to a higher extent if the children observed an issue of trust disrupt their own parents’ marriage. Moreover, if a child becomes aware of an affair happening in their parents’ marriage, such child is very likely to carry a great resentment toward one parent and a much stronger bond with the other. If the mother has moved onto a new spouse and the father is left grieving, the child is likely to pick sides with the father and possibly feel as if betrayal has taken place due to the mother becoming distant. The child tends to take the side of the ‘weaker’ parent; the one who has fallen into a downward spiral, the parent whom the child believes is in need of protection. Children need a basis of trust in order to form healthy relationships as they mature and reach adulthood. A skewed interpretation of the importance of trust is detrimental to a child’s future relationships. A certai...

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...ion of material. For instance, if a child has to spend an hour a day commuting between houses due to separated parents, they are bound to become tiresome during the endless drives. This would be taking away valuable time in which the child could be studying, doing homework, or being involved in an extracurricular activity.
Divorce can be an enormous obstacle, but the kids who are stuck in the middle face some of the hardest struggles. They are often confused as to what has caused the breakup and feel guilty. Close observation shows that divorce negatively affects kids in various ways including trust issues becoming increasingly present, social skills governed from developing at a normal rate, academic success decreasing. Throughout every divorce, it is imperative to be fair to each parent, but one must always remember to watch out for the well- being of the child.

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