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Separating Twins in School Essays

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Scientists and psychologists everywhere study twins. The argument most commonly studied is nature versus nurture. The focus of this essay, however, is whether or not to separate twins in schools. Some believe the separation is demeaning and traumatic to the twins. The side about to be proved however that is this separation is a necessary step in the individualization of twins. Often, separation sparks the path to individualization.
There are two types of twins. One type of twins, called identical twins, is exact clones of each other. They share the same DNA and were made from a single split egg. More research as been done regarding these types of twins as they are the more remarkable kind. Since they are a genetic match, nature plays the same role in both twins. This means that all findings must be due to nurture and the environment in which each twin is in. This being true, identical twins provide a lot of important findings. A lot of scientists and psychologists study identical twins. That being said, the majority of twin research is based around identical twins.
The second type of twins, referred to as fraternal twins, is not clones. In fact, they are no more alike than normal siblings. They share half of their DNA as do normal siblings. Some may look like twins and some may not look anything like each other. Fraternal twins can be of the same sex or not. These types of twins are developed when two eggs are fertilized by a single sperm. Though they may be different, most still share a closer bond than that of normal siblings. Since they have the same DNA equivalency as normal siblings, fraternal twins aren’t studied as often as identical twins. Therefore, there isn’t as much findings on fraternal twins. Also, since there DNA ...

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