Sentencing Sentences And Sentencing Guidelines Essay

Sentencing Sentences And Sentencing Guidelines Essay

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During your reading this week, the author speaks of “Truth in sentencing requires judges to assess and make public the actual time an offender is likely to serve, once sentenced to prison”. We have seen a lot of controversy in the United States about mandatory sentencing, determinate sentencing and sentencing guidelines. I am seeking your opinion supported by research on your thoughts about sentencing and what is fair. Should a judge be able to sentence an individual to what they believe is a fair and impartial sentencing OR should the judge be held to the standard of making each sentence the same.
When speaking about truth in sentencing it has been my experience opinions will vary on this particular subject ranging far and wide. Our readings this week explain to us that truth in sentencing requires judges to assess and make public the actual time an offender is likely to serve, once sentenced to prison, many laws now are requiring that a large portion of the sentence be served before release (Schmalleger, 2012). It further explains that determinate sentencing is nothing more th...

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