Sentencing Juveniles Who Commit Heinous Crimes Essay

Sentencing Juveniles Who Commit Heinous Crimes Essay

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The justice system is flawed greatly when it comes to sentencing juveniles who commit heinous crimes. In comparison to adults who commit the same crime, juveniles will be given a less harsh sentence mainly because of the fact that a juvenile is not considered an adult yet. Juvenile’s records are, in a sense, forgiven or put away, not for the public to have access to, unlike adults ' records. People under 18 years of age are capable of the same actions that someone over the age of 17 is capable of, including committing murders. Therefore, they should receive the same punishment because that is what justice is, fair treatment for all.
When people go to trial for a crime they commit, they have the opportunity to fight for what they think is right, despite any input they may receive from outside sources other than their legal team. If indeed, the person who committed the crime, regardless of their age, is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt then they should be charged the same way as one another because both ended up with the same result, causing the same pain to the victim’s family, and are In the same situation. Other things should be taken into consideration, such as where they were raised, how they were raised, the environment they reside in, and their mental state. Age is not something that should be included in any way, as a factor for the decision. The decision should be based off the multiple factors that would lead up to that horrid event, or cause them to act in such a way that they take someone 's life. In "Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges," the author Stephanie Chen expresses the case of 11 year old juvenile murderer, Jordan Brown who was facing the chance of life in prison starting at age 11. His family said that h...

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...eir life away from society when they commit heinous crimes in order to not only secure stable living for inmates but to protect everyone in society from one more potential danger. Yes it costs the government money, but maybe not as much as it costs to maintain Jails. This idea is different from regular jail, because it is set up in such way that they are able to function in a secluded society where they can own property, get jobs, pursue careers, and earn money. This would all be very controlled of course, monitored closely, and have more harsh rules in place. The greatest factor separating this from a jail, is that this place would be only for rehabilitated inmates. Even people that have proven that they can function properly as viewed in a broad aspect, could change back to the person they were when they committed the crimes, the person who choose to brew the law.

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