Essay on Sentencing Juveniles As Adults : Juveniles

Essay on Sentencing Juveniles As Adults : Juveniles

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Sentencing Juveniles as Adults
Many young people make mistakes every day. Juveniles, characteristically, want to fit in; they do things in order to be liked. It is a fact that juveniles have a harder time making decisions and controlling their mind than adults. Juveniles, arguably, cannot be systematized with adults because things such as, experience, knowledge and values are gained with involvement, expose, and time. Unfortunately, many juveniles are obtaining immoral values, corrupt knowledge and felonious experiences when they are sent to serve time among adults. Over the last several years the trend of transferring juveniles to the criminal system has increased significantly. When juveniles are transferred to the adult system, they instantly apply for more punitive measures and their chances of receiving any type of rehabilitation is shrunk. Rehabilitation is not a primary goal, however, in the criminal justice system, as opposed to the juvenile justice system. In addition, the adult correctional system does not provide any protection for juveniles. Juveniles are part of the general population. This means, indeed, that anything from physical to psychological or/and sexual assault can happen at any time to a young immature in the hands of a grown adult. The juvenile court’s philosophy, structure, and procedures have changed dramatically since the creation of the first juvenile court.

A juveniles is an individual that has not yet reached the upper age as established by the statutorily law of each state. Juveniles are considered not to have fully developed their physiological, emotional and intellectual capacities (Hess 3-4).
In earlier decades, not different classificati...

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...o assist the nation’s children, juvenile court judges were still allowed to transfer juveniles’ cases to the adult system. However, because some rural counties lacked social services, the difference between adult and juvenile courts was difficult (Finley 48). Over time, delinquency began to become a major concern. Juvenile gangs began to develop as a mean of escape the oppression and labels that they were facing at the time. These gangs led many juveniles to engage in delinquent behaviors such as, drinking, gambling, drug use, and because of the mass production of the automobile, drive-by shooting began. The public believed that juvenile delinquency was out of control and demanded authorities to take control over these young offenders. The concept of the court regarding rehabilitation for juveniles began to become underappreciated and soon lost support (Finley 72).

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