Sensible Violence Within Cultural Texts Essay examples

Sensible Violence Within Cultural Texts Essay examples

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According to Ian Almond in the article "Mullahs, Mystics, Moderates and Moghuls: The Many Islams of Salman Rushdie", Rushdie wrote this piece from a medieval religiousness perspective, most pointedly making use of symbols such as the "ancient holy relic whose disappearance inspires countless deaths" (Almond 3). These violent deaths mark something more in the theme of the book; presumptuously, Rushdie is attempting to enlighten his readers with the many faces of Islam, this particular story showing the face of Islam who's "built-
in obsolescence stifles the new" (Almond 3). The vial from the prophet Muhammad is laced with mystical and gruesome power, which to all whom encounter it brings about a violent death or madness; this leads me to believe that Salman's intention for the relic is the symbolic embodiment of a evil version of old Islamic culture.
Hashim, who is the focus of the main violent scene in The Prophet's Hair, prior to his exposure to the vial is described as "not a godly man" whose aim is to inculcate a healthy "independence of spirit" in his two children. At first his family is comfortable and happy living a more progressive Islamic life, but this switches after Hashim encounters the Prophet's hair. His attitude completely flips and he morphs into a devout Muslim. He proclaims to his wife that he is unhappily married to her and in light of this visits a mistress and prostitutes. To his two children, he states that they are disgraceful; it's popularly know that, bluntly put, Islamic culture prides itself on smart men and submissive wives. Hashim's children cannot withstand his tyranny and in their greatest efforts to upheave the relics power there destroyed, by death or madness. Huma, who poses as the greatest threat...

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...nects to theme and Title
Uses statements like: "make we talk business", commonly states "we no be bad tief",
Do either of these text have similarities in their scene of violence?
Both involve a variating comment on faith as used in religion.
What are the similarities and differences that are present?
Do either of these text have similarities in their scene of violence?
Jonathan's motto: "nothing puzzles God"
Extremest faith as portrayed in TPH
Both stories are third person omnipresent, which allows writers to give life to a range of characters without the limitation of first person narration; each of the characters story lines may be developed and then switched to another when necessary.

Works Cited

Almond, Ian. “Mullahs, Mystics, Moderates and Moghuls: The Many Islams of Salman Rushdie.” John Hopkins University Press (2003): 1137-1151. Web. 29 April 2014.

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