The Sense of Cooperation Between African Americans and Latinos in Politics

The Sense of Cooperation Between African Americans and Latinos in Politics

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For many decades now African-Americans and Latinos have had a major role in American politics. For the most part on a national level in terms of U.S. politics it can be said that African-Americans and Latinos have been able to cooperate with one another, and have essentially had very little if any conflict with each other at all. This sense of cooperation with African-Americans and Latinos at the national level of U.S. politics can be said to be due to how African-Americans and Latinos have similar interests in terms of national U.S. policies and programs, the same it seems though cannot be said to occur at the local level in terms of there being the same type of cooperation between African-Americans and Latinos at the local level of U.S. politics like there is at the national level. Many people additionally believe that although this sense of cooperation between African-Americans and Latinos has existed for many years and/or decades at the national level in U.S. politics, that this cooperation between these two groups has seen its peak or finest hour and will not be able to survive the current Obama Administration. In this essay I will talk about how African-Americans and Latinos at least in terms of U.S. national politics agree with each other in terms of supporting the same policy agenda and as a result are forming coalitions with each other in order to get these policies across or passed, second I will talk about how African-Americans and Latinos compete with each other at the local level of U.S. politics and where this competition between both groups is mostly seen, and I will finally talk about how the current alliance between African-Americans and Latinos will be able to survive the Obama Administration.

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...s and Latinos join coalitions like joining progressive coalitions or growth machine coalitions as a result of supporting the same policies and wanting to get them across to the public, according to the book Black-Latino Relations in U.S. National Politics: Beyond Conflict or Cooperation, by Rodney E. Hero and Robert R. Preuhs, the way that African-Americans and Latino Democrats voted in terms of the first vote on the financial bailout bill to deal with the economic crisis that arose in September 2009, in which only 40% of Latino Democrats voted in support of this bill while only 46% of African-Americans voted in support of this bill as well, is just another example that shows that in the national level of U.S. politics African-Americans and Latinos tend to cooperate with each other in terms of both groups supporting the same policy agenda (154-155).

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