Essay about Sensation And Perception Of Sensation

Essay about Sensation And Perception Of Sensation

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Sensation and Perception
Sensation refers to the process of sensing what is around us in our environment by using our five senses, which are touching, smell, taste, sound and sight. Sensation occurs when one or more of the various sense organs received a stimulus. By receiving the stimulus, it will cause a mental or physical response. It starts in the sensory receptor, which are specialized cells that convert the stimulus to an electric impulse which makes it ready for the brain to use this information and this is the passive process. After this process, the perception comes into play of the active process. Perception is the process that selects the information, organize it and interpret that information.
Sensation happens when you see your friend, vision begins with the eye and the retina works as a memory card for a camera that capture the picture, and the picture will be transmitted into electric impulses. Those impulses are sent to a bundle of nerve fibers and taking to the thalamus. From these, these electric impulses are going to travel to the visual region, which is located i...

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