Senior Advocate Job Analysis Essay

Senior Advocate Job Analysis Essay

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Having been just promoted it is now one of my new responsibilities to devise a plan to hire my replacement. It is important that I take the steps necessary to conduct a thorough job analysis so that a job description can be constructed as a guide prior to hiring anyone. Having a job description will also “clarify expectations for the prospective employee as well as providing reference points for training and development to take place once an individual is hired for the position” (Chapman,1995-2009,P.1). Even though job analysis may take more time and money, in the long run it is a necessary step to take in the hiring process. When filling positions within a company or organization conducting a job analysis is necessary, because without it, an accurate job description cannot be constructed and management would have difficulty making an informed decision on who is best able to fill this job opening.
Job Analysis
While having the privilege and reward of a promotion is exciting there is a great deal of extra work that I must put forth to fill the Senior Advocate position that I have recently left when I accepted the position of Program Coordinator. It is vital this position be filled since a great deal of a Program Coordinator’s time is spent outside the assisted living home. A Senior Advocate is a key position and is not only the eyes and ears of the Program Coordinator, but also functions as a close personal assistant to the Program Coordinator helping in making sure that duties within the house are being completed and everything runs smoothly. To organize an accurate job description I will have to first conduct a job analysis.
I already have an upper hand in conducting the job analysis since I have previous ex...

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...s may have to include tests, evaluations, and surveys to determine whether someone has the personality, skills, and or abilities to fulfill the position that is being applied for.
While job analysis, job descriptions, testing, and job interviews help choose the best candidate for open positions within a company or organization, training and evaluations help promote improvement. There is always going to be room for improvement within any job position. Keeping open communication and a positive work environment that provides support and guidance can help turn good employees into even greater ones.

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