The Seneca Allegany Resort And Casino Essays

The Seneca Allegany Resort And Casino Essays

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The Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino is just one of three Seneca Casinos. The other Seneca casinos are Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino, and Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino. The Seneca Allegany casino is owned by the Seneca Nation of Indians and is located in Salamanca, New York on the Indian reservation. The Seneca Allegany Casino is a family friendly place to go, not only do they have a casino for the adults they also have concerts and other attractions for kids. Recently, in 2012, there was a hotel and spa added to the casino. The casino has many attractions including six restaurants, a spa, an event center, and a 413 room hotel. The Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino has earned a Four Diamond status for the seventh year in a row.
The casino has three different levels of classification for gamblers. When signing up to be a member of the casino you first become a member of the Player’s Club, then you get promoted to the Select Club, then if you spend enough money you become a Chairman’s Club member. Due to my family being very active in gambling, we attend many of the events provided by the casino. They always do a great job with service and make sure they have happy customers by providing higher club gamblers with a specific gambling agent.
The first thing you think of when you hear the word casino are slot machines, at least that is what comes to my mind first. The Seneca Allegany Casino has nearly 2000 slot machines. Along with the 2000 slots they also have 16 different table games which include blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, Caribbean stud poker and many more. Seneca Resorts and Casino had 23 big wins according to “Best of Gaming 2014” awards. Another advantage of gambling is the ability to meet new people from various pl...

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...rab legs and prime rib. Finally, the Cafés include various types of soups and sandwiches.
From the gaming area to the restaurants, I believe the casino is a very family friendly place where there is fun for all ages. Although the gaming can be very addictive, it provides a fun weekend getaway for some parents. Couples can come to the casino for a romantic anniversary dinner, or for a birthday dinner with the family. If you want to bring the whole family, rent a hotel room to use the spa and the pool attractions. I would give the Seneca Allegany Casino 4.0 stars, because of the endless offers it has to give. While being located in Salamanca, New York there are more attractions in the area. The casino is very close to Letchworth State Park or Southern Tier Brewery. The Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino is also located within two hours of both of its sister casinos.

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