Senate Bill 1449 And Proposition 215 Essay

Senate Bill 1449 And Proposition 215 Essay

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There are certainly positives to Senate Bill 1449 and Proposition 215. Senate Bill 1449 has slowly cut into California’s prison overpopulation problem, but Proposition 47 could be an even bigger help to reducing the problem . Prison overcrowding has been a problem for years in California, with non-violent offenders and drug offenders filling up most of the population. The state was again given a break in February with a two-year extension to try and find a solution, now they hope they have found it . The goals of these propositions isn’t to just cut down on the spending for overcrowded prisons, but use that money to help drug offenders improve and potentially never return to prison again. Prop 47 and Senate Bill 1449 brought key contributions to reducing the prison size and not costing taxpayers more money. Proposition 215 also has its benefits and not just for medical reasons. It has led to recent votes in Riverside County, Santa Cruz and other small cities that passed local ballot measures to put a tax on medical marijuana . Citizens are looking for more sources of revenue for their city that could be used for education or public projects and California’s marijuana laws have allowed that. California has led the way in decriminalization of marijuana in small steps and could be the first step the nation looks at for a nationwide solution. But like all policies, it comes with its one problem.
One of the biggest concerns people have with California’s medical marijuana law is how easy it is to be approved for a medical marijuana card. While you must be 18 or older to qualify for a marijuana card, it’s still very simple to get one. Just walk in and tell them about your symptoms of pain and anxiousness, shortly after you will likely ...

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... impact this could have across the country. A nation-wide decriminalization of marijuana would make it available for all of those who need it. Employees wouldn’t need to be afraid of losing their job because they had THC in their system to help with an ailment. Legalizing recreational marijuana and allowing stores to open and sell it would also help generate jobs across the nation to bring down the unemployment rate, while also bringing in billions of dollars in tax revenue. Right now there are 27 states that have decriminalized marijuana and continue to focus on an issue, when there are things like education and healthcare that their time and money would be better suited for. It’s time for our government to be responsible and make the right decision. The era of criminalization of marijuana should be over and the wheels are staring to be pushed in the right direction.

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