Semester Reflection on Writing Essay

Semester Reflection on Writing Essay

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Semester Reflection
In the first essay that I have written this semester, I learned quite a few largely-important points about writing. Before this class, I knew very little about any writing method. The first essay taught me the incredible importance of a thesis. Without a thesis, a paper cannot accomplish anything; it becomes nothing more than rambling nonsense. Another important thing that the first essay taught me was comma placement. I have always struggled with comma placement. This essay helped me to understand it a lot more than I previously did.
The second essay that I have written for this class, the profile essay, was my favorite essay this semester. I believe that this essay was a major turning-point for me in my abilities as a writer. While working on this essay I learned the power of "showing" through words, instead of "telling." This essay also helped me to increase my knowledge of punctuation use; specifically, the semicolon. In my previous essay, my over-use of the semicolon ran rampant. For reasons unknown to me, I detested short sentences. In an attempt to length...

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