The Semester Project Will Improve My Writing Skills And Help Me Gain Confidence

The Semester Project Will Improve My Writing Skills And Help Me Gain Confidence

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The semester project will help improve my writing skills and help me gain confidence in my writing abilities. The Table of Studies challenged me in a new way. After completing the assignment, I find it much easier to read journal articles and determine the important information that is relevant to my topic. The grade I received did not reflect my overall abilities, and I was disappointed. I expected to receive an A on the assignment; my actual grade of a B was slightly disappointing. I made several silly mistakes on the assignment, which could have easily been fixed if I had taken the time to proofread more carefully. Points were taken off because I failed to place my citation in the correct location within the table; I thought that I recalled being instructed to put the authors within the first column. It is completely possible that I am mistaken; I could have easily avoided this mistake by asking for clarification.
I plan to do better on my outline. I will make the outline a helpful tool I can use when writing my essay. I believe the articles that I have chosen are going to be helpful as I begin to write. The sub topics that I have chosen to cover all relate to and support my thesis. First, I plan to describe the geographic features that have kept Appalachian English intact and in isolation. Next, I will describe some of the features that are specific to the Appalachian English dialect. Finally, I plan to discuss why some of these features are fading as well as the dialects that influence Appalachian English.
The second topic that I plan to cover is the specific phonological aspects that are a part of Appalachian English. Research by Tortora (2006) describes the use of expletive “they” in detail. I hope to find an article...

... middle of paper ...

...e of these changes will enable me to describe the diversity of Appalachian English along with the specific dialect features.

Hamilton, S., & Hazen, K. (2009, Spring). Dialect research in Appalachia: A family case study. West Virginia History, 3(1), 81-107.
Hazen, K., Butcher, P., & King, A. (2010, December). Unvernacular Appalachian: An empirical perspective on West Virginia dialect variation. English Today, 26(4), 13-22.
Hazen, K. (2008, Summer). (ING): A vernacular baseline for English in Appalachia. American Speech, 83(2), 116-140.
Richards, Melinda L., “An examination of selected vowel structures of three generations of native Appalachian English Speakers.” PhD diss., University of Tennessee, 2001.
Tortora, C. (2006, Fall). The Case Of Appalachian expletive they. American Speech, 81(3), 266-296.

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