Semantic Web: An Enhancement of the Current Web Essay

Semantic Web: An Enhancement of the Current Web Essay

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The vast content of the World-Wide Web is used by millions. Many users employs a search engine to begin their Web activity. The query is usually a list of keywords, and the result returned is also a list of Web pages that may or may not be relevant, typically pages that contain the keywords [4].
The web of today lacks metadata which can be read by other computers. Metadata is data about data, such that, it would be possible to distinguish between 1984 (a number), 1984 (a date), 1984 (a film starring John Hurt) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (a novel by George Orwell).
Content in the “web of tomorrow” will be marked up with the help of Ontologies. This will make information processing easier for software agents. We shall be able to go beyond the keyword searches.
2.2 The Semantic Web
The Semantic web is not a new resource on the internet but rather, an extension of the current web, where information is given well-defined meaning, thus, enabling computers and people to process it. We need a way that allows equivalent resources to be identified and understood by machines without programming this knowledge into the application software [5]. The Semantic Web uses ontologies as a vital element to mark up and represent knowledge for machines and humans to understand.
2.1 Ontology
The term Ontology is comprised of concepts, concept properties, relationships between concepts and constraints [5]. Ontologies are defined independently from the actual data and reflect a common understanding of the semantics of the domain of discourse . Ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualization [3]. It is a representational vocabulary for domain; a definition of classes, relations, functions, constraints, attributes and other objects. Practically,...

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...le Ontology Specifications.
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