Semantic And Structural Information On The Human Memory Essay

Semantic And Structural Information On The Human Memory Essay

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There are lot of research conducted about how semantic and structural information affecting to the human memory. Psychologist Craik has defined that meaningful information has better chance to stay in human memory longer than the numeric information (1973). Endel and Tulving (1985) proposed episodic and semantic memories process different information.
The independent variable is the structural information. Dependant variable is the participants’ test scores. Participants are volunteers of the New College psychology access students 2016. The research was an experiment and conducted as two groups. It included a pictures and words slide show. To the other group, just the words slide show.
Results were not highly significant. But there were slightly better results from the semantic and structural group. Though there was not high contrast, it is enough to come to a clear conclusion.
So the conclusion human memory perform better when it process semantic and structural information than processing just semantic information.

Though there were lot of research about this particular issue, there was not enough sources to find how structural and semantic information processing. Lot of research were focus on how semantic and structural information stored in Short term memory and long term memory. There were interesting findings from these studies and there conclusions were directly match with this experiment. But the Craik and Tulving’s (1975) study showed that it is semantically process information which let to rehearse are more likely to recall accurately than phonemic and visually process words.
They done a experiment using 60 words and asked three different questions involved semantic process, structural process and phone...

... middle of paper ...

...ghting effect for both groups and spoke to them same words as the other group. We were in smart casual clothing rather than wearing a white coat to minimise the laboratory effect. We conducted the both experiments in the same time of the day just few minutes apart. We walked in and got the permission from the mentors and explained why we are here and explain

Ethical considerations-
We ask their permission first before the experiment undertake. Also we ask kindly to sign the consent and explain effects and if any doubts or problems what to do. We also explain the data will be destroyed anytime if they want us to during or after the experiment. We also reassure the participants that there are no consequences after word and the results are not going to be publish as with individual names. And did not ask anyone to write their names rather than just a signature.

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