Selling My Car

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As the seller, my goal was to get as much money for my used car as possible. I met with the buyer and was immediately surprised that they quickly got down to the business of acquiring my used car. My goal was to try and strike up a rapport with the buyer and get to know them a little better given the time we had. I asked if the buyer had a family and if economy as well as safety was something they were interested in when it comes to transportation. It was important to me that I get the buyer to relax a bit and become comfortable speaking with me about things tangential to the car. This strategy I felt would help me learn exactly what their goals were so that I could use that information in my presentation of this used vehicle. It took a little more time than I thought, however the buyer started to open up and pause before responding—giving me a chance to reaffirm their goals and assess where I could go ultimately with my negotiations. The Competitive Phase I started out my negotiation to the buyer with an objective argument that the vehicle I was selling was very reliable. I offered to provide the service tickets showing that routine maintenance had been performed on schedule with the intent of strengthening the resale value of the vehicle. I also went on to say that I had two other offers that I was considering, but there was still time for the buyer to tender their offer for consideration. My thought of the implied threat of having other offers on the table was very effective because as soon as I said that—the buyer turned and offered more for the vehicle. I certainly asked more for the vehicle than I thought possible because I thought the b... ... middle of paper ... ...the buyer that I would assure to have the tank full of gas and the vehicle washed upon delivery. We did end our negotiation on a positive vibe. Summary I felt I was successful in this exercise, but admittedly I should have let the buyer speak first from simply a strategic standpoint. By speaking first, this gave the buyer more time to analyze my position and thus come up with a more saleable argument with their offer. I feel that my success came with having substantial positive counter offers once I spoke to the more positive aspects of this vehicle. I would have liked to try the Boulwareism “take it or leave it” proposal just to see what response I would have received. Of course, knowing that I needed the cash today is what kept me from attempting that one because the buyer could have said, “Well, I’ll just leave it.”

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