Essay about Selling Down : The Marketing Of The Hip Hop Nation

Essay about Selling Down : The Marketing Of The Hip Hop Nation

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“Selling Down: The Marketing of the Hip-Hop Nation”
Do you like hip-hop? Do you think hip-hop brings people’s attention to an advertisement or commercial? In “Selling Down: The Marketing of the Hip-op Nation” which was adapted from Other People 's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America” (2007), author and senior editor Jason Tanz argues that hip-hip is a useful source to get the attention of the people; therefore, marketers and salesmen should keep using hip-hop in advertisements and commercials no matter what or who opposes. He also argues the idea that youth see themselves as being members of a higher status by wearing brand name clothing that is advertised by hip-hop.

In the fifth paragraph of the article, Tanz starts the paragraph by saying, “We all know that marketers thrive by exploiting urges and desires that can never be satisfied, and at long last it seems that, knowingly or not, they have stumbled upon our never-ending quest to be down” (89). In the next sentence he starts his argument about youth wearing brand name clothing by saying, “Hip-Hop has always...

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