Essay about Selghan: The Most Militarized Country in the World

Essay about Selghan: The Most Militarized Country in the World

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What does it take to build the perfect country many people will ask? That question has been left unanswered for quite a while until now. The key to the perfect society is happiness, teamwork and equality. The key to being happy at work is a healthy internal culture. (Jones 2014) If you can get a community full of people that don’t judge each other, are willing to work together and are happy doing it you may have the perfect country. Selghan is a perfect example of a perfect country because of the fact everyone is equal in the society there aren’t any classes involved. The also people work together in harmony not only to survive but they enjoy helping each other. If you seek adventure, beautiful sights and friendly people then Selghan is the place to be. However, you cannot simply visit Selghan or go there for vacation you must spend four years studying their ways of life and learn their language before they will even let you in their borders. The question now is would it be worth it and I would have to say yes. Just staying there for a few day would allow you to experience once in a lifetime opportunities and see things you thought where only possible in your dreams. Throughout this report we will discuss various topics that revolve around the country called Selghan.

Selghan is full of beautiful sights from artic wildlife to underwater ice tunnels and everything inbetween. Towering Rocky Mountains topped with fluffy white snow circle the country of Selghan like castle walls. Deep Blue Ocean glazed with ice surrounds most of this small country. Penguins feeding their young and polar bears hunting for food is a common sight here. But this country is not all beauty it is full of danger as well. Due do the freezing weather...

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...lghan I doubt that it will be adopted in other countries. The sport can only be played in deep snow so only a few countries can play it.

In Conclusion Selghan is the perfect country. It is a beautiful piece of land full of many pretty sights. In general Selghan is a peaceful country and is only willing to use its military power if its people are in danger. The people of Selghan are very friendly and are willing to help in any way they can. They can become your best friend in minutes and they are always happy. In Selghan there isn’t any racism everyone is equal regardless of their race or skin color. Selghan Is the perfect community where everyone works together in harmony and everything always gets done. I highly recommend visiting there just to find out what the buzz is about. The only question now is are you willing to make a commitment to visit there?

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