Selfishness/Unselfishness Essay

Selfishness/Unselfishness Essay

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The reading of the first short story that was titled,” Everyday Use (for your grandmamma) written by Alice Walker. The people in this story help the reader to see and feel a different way about those with a sense of entitlement. It makes you think and ask yourself why would anyone live there life in such a selfish fashion that it poisons the people around them. Unselfish people seem to get along better in life and don’t seem to struggle. This story reads of a daughter who leaves her home only to return modern. The story gives the reader feelings of bitterness at the beginning, and toward the end the sense of courage and fearlessness.
This short story tells about a poor black family, post civil war. As you read the story she talks about white people at the beginning this is how you know she is of a different race. The woman telling the story is the mother of two daughters with no mention of the father. She tells of having man like hands and being obese. Taking care of a few farm animals and killing them to feed the family is a daily chore. She has the k...

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