Selfishness Is A Disease Of The Soul Essay

Selfishness Is A Disease Of The Soul Essay

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Selfishness is a disease of the soul that a person experiences several times throughout life. To say that one is ignorant of selfishness would be hypocrisy. To say that selfishness is a beneficial trait, however, would be erroneous. Although as humans, we lie to ourselves, selfishness can make a person behave arrogantly. Being selfish consumes us and changes us into someone we are not. Whether it leads to getting people killed, losing love, or abolishing families, selfishness always leads to destruction.
Selfish people place their own wants, needs, and happiness before anything or anyone else. Furthermore, they feel no obligation to help others. Because selfish people do not value others, they often live a lonely life full of unhappiness. Also, when people are selfish, they do not remain happy eternally. In the long run, the people around us are not going to be there if we only think of ourselves. Life then turns into being isolated from friends or family because no one enjoys being around self-indulgence. These books are exquisite examples of how being selfish may not only destroy others, but destroy themselves as well. As Fitzgerald displays a fictional example of characters being consumed by selfishness in The Great Gatsby, McCourt gives his own factual testimony of a selfish father leading his family through poverty and hard times in Angela’s Ashes.
Most of the characters in The Great Gatsby are overcome with selfishness. Jay Gatsby illustrates a prime example of this. The entire book revolves around his one selfish desire to be with the woman he loves, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby is well aware that Daisy married Tom Buchanan, but that does not stop him. Gatsby and Daisy begin seeing each other and spending a great amount of time...

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...m. This statement helps conclude that being selfish is the complete opposite of what God wants Christians to do. So in this case, being selfish can lead to the destruction of one’s self and others. If I do not share my faith with someone who needs it, then they could go to hell because of my selfishness. As readers of the Bible, we know “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (1059).
All of these examples support the fact that selfishness can lead to destruction. Whether it is a real life example, or something happening to a character in a book, each of these statements support the same principle. Selfishness is never the right path to follow. Gatsby loses his life, Daisy loses the ‘love of her life’, and Malachy loses his children. Selfishness leads to loss and pain. Living in a world full of selfishness is living in a world full of destruction. Look around.

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