The Selfish Giant By Oscar Wilde Essay

The Selfish Giant By Oscar Wilde Essay

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“The Selfish Giant” is Oscar Wilde’s story about a giant that is selfish to all the children in his village, but once the weather turned on him he changed his ways. The giant couldn 't handle the harsh winter and seeing a child upset so his heart changed and he was no longer selfish. At the end he was taken to heaven for being a non selfish giant. Wilde used imagery, setting, characters, and plot to make “The Selfish Giant” a marvelous story.
Wilde wrote “The Selfish Giant” to tell a story about one man 's, giant’s, change of heart and acceptance. Wild starts his story with a happy scene where kids are playing freely and having fun, but suddenly a great giant comes home and ruins everything (**). When the giant comes home and walls off his garden it ignites a fuse of everything that is to come in this story. Wilde used that to intrigue readers and take his story to the next step. Once the wall goes up the area around the selfish giant’s great garden becomes cold and the season turns to winter (**). At this point in the story the reader can now realize that the giant putting up his wall had a direct effect to his surroundings. The winter becomes the conflict in this story because the giant wants the spring to come back, and he starts his process of changing into a better person. In the story one day some kids sneak into the giant 's garden to play and when they do the weather around them turns back into spring. At first the giant is furious, but once he realizes that the children bring back the spring his heart changes and he helps one child into a tree to bring the spring (**). When the giant accepts the children it is the climax of the story because the giant has changed his ways and became a better person. The rest of the sto...

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...n. The little boy had come at the beginning of the story because he wanted to try and change the giant. Once the giant had changed he was granted admittance into heaven, and the little boy was there in the end to take him away.
Oscar Wilde used imagery in this story to provide emphasis to his setting and story. When Wilde described the winter he did his best to make the reader feel as if he/she were there him/herself. “The wind roared all day about the garden, and blew the chimney-pots down” (**). Using the words roared and blew, Wilde convinced the readers mind that it could almost hear the wind blowing past them in real life. Wilde again created some swell imagery when the spring arrives. “The birds were flying about and twittering with delight” (**). With such description of the birds the reader can almost hear them singing and feel the happiness they bring about.

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