Essay on Self Regulation : A Rational And Intuitive System

Essay on Self Regulation : A Rational And Intuitive System

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Self-regulation perspective focuses on the process of obtaining goals, though planning and prioritizing (Carver & Scheier, 2012). This is closely related to the cognitive perspective as it looks back on a rational and intuitive system. However, self-regulation focuses more on how these systems influence behaviors and actions.
Behavior pertaining to the intuitive system seems to be habitual or well learned for as soon as a certain stimulus is presented it automatically triggers a certain reaction. This brings back the idea of the intuitive side being quick and automatic. It will then be useful for the need of quick decisive actions, but not for those actions that need carefully planned out thought. On the other side, rational is associated with behavior that is intended or planned out for. This will result in a slower reaction, however, it will also be a planned out self-regulated way (Carver & Scheier, 2012).
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Intuitive Trait
Just like any other personality trait, intuitiveness has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be cause an individual trouble and create obstacles, as well as give the individual more of a privilege. It depends on the situation and context to whether or not the trait will prove to be a hindrance for the individual or an advantage.
Advantages of Intuitiveness
As stated before when discussing about the definition of intuitive, it was stated that intuition is a fast, automatic thinking process to formulating answers. This in itself can be seen as an advantage when placed in the right context. That context could be when a more complex or ambiguous problem arises (Sun & Wilson, 2014). This could be when constructing a theory or working with abstract ideas. Because there ...

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...I have wrote about her, and she agreed with what was written. My school related friend explained it as being a gut feeling. She then proceeded to say how I am intuitive when it is connected to people.
Intuitiveness is a personality trait that allows individuals to come up with quick answers, but it exempts a drawn out thinking process that is attributed to rational belief (Gilovich et al., 2002). This can connect intuitiveness with a thinking process and this can be looked at through the cognitive and self-regulation perspectives. This brings up the questions of the advantages and disadvantages of the intuitive trait. Quick, automatic thinking can be turned into an advantage or disadvantage depending upon the context and situation. Which, I have attributed back to my own life and how the trait has been both a positive and negative influence in my life.

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