Self Reflection Paper From The Information Obtained From Completing The Disc And Jung Assessments

Self Reflection Paper From The Information Obtained From Completing The Disc And Jung Assessments

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The following is a self-reflection paper from the information obtained from completing the DISC and JUNG assessments. The assessments both showed me being well rounded and not strongly to any one side or direction for the most part. This fits right in with my personality and gives me faith in the results. Although I did not agree completely with all of the feedback from the test, it is something to take note and to help me be more mindful in my actions and decisions. The DISC assessment gives feedback in both personal strengths and personal values.
My personal strengths profile first hits on decisiveness. My results place me in the low D section with a score of 42 both natural and adaptive. I strongly disagree with this result. It states that I sometimes put too much pressure on myself and often allow someone with a stronger opinion to out weight my own. It goes on to say that I am modest and hesitant to share my opinion with others. This is far from the truth. I may be reserved in my actions and think before I speak but that does not make me any less effective. I believe the best decision is a well thought out one.
The interactive section ranks me as a high I. I agree with this result. The results state that I make a good coach for others, I’m talkative, and open to people from the start. I have been accused of being people person all my life. This is a trait I picked up from my grandfather who decided to spend his retired years being a door greater at Wal-Mart. I think I am very approachable and open to new ideas.
The stabilizing section ranks me a high S. The results indicate that I bring a since of calm to those around me. I tend to not “rock the boat” unless I absolutely have to. These are things that I agree with as well. I ...

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...ombined results of the test are that the DISC showed me being indecisive whereas the JUNG showed the opposite and said that I was very decisive. Both test showed me being open minded and very receptive to people and ideas. I think the test represented me as being approachable, calm, collected, and a touch reserved. With the exception of caution, the results showed that I performed the same naturally as I would if being observed or mindful of my actions.
Overall, I was pleased with both test results. It has shown me some areas in which I am strong in and others that I need to improve in. I do not think it describes me fully but can be used as a great tool to evaluate and revaluate myself in the future. I would like to set a goal of raising my scores in decisiveness and hope that I could have better results if I were to retake the assessment a few months down the road.

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