Self Political Analysis

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Self Political Analysis As a child, I was surround by political standpoints, my republican grandfather, my democratic grandmother, my liberalist cousins, and thus, there was a lot of conflict when it came down to who was better and why they were better. However when I decided to take a lean towards the independent route due to the circling in my family, despite the fact even independents can get confusing at times too. I will go in depth about what independents are, our ideologies, a last known candidate and of course what I believe in that makes me this way. Independents are often viewed as a confused party, in reality, we are not. We wish to restore American rights and give the power back to the people so decisions can be made properly and like how they used to be. We also wish to unite everyone who has been divided by the parties once more while keeping our political identities. So, in other words, we are not liberalist, not democratic, or republicans, we are just people who want the power to return to the people. We have high family values and I too believe this is an important thing to consider as friends are just for today but family is forever, so why divide it up due to an indifference to an opinion? That is what it means to be an independent, and since we have so many ideals I will focus on will be on the restoration of the government. Nowadays the politicians are in control. Not the people but the politicians in office. They use tricks to move upwards and create laws and other documents that will protect them from impeachment or removal of office. Due to this, it is very hard for change, and also thanks to the lack of knowledge about most political issues, the people do not want to get involved either in fear of rui... ... middle of paper ... values to our country. This also brings me to voting, in which I have not done before, but if I am to vote I usually consider what they can do for the citizens, time span in which they will take action in, and any past issues they have created or have been involved with throughout the past years, this ensures that we do not allow someone of bad judgment to get into the house to further destroy our values. Overall I have discussed our values, a previous candidate, and of course why I am an independent party member. Looking through all the facts in which I am aware of, it becomes clear as to why I follow them and my values become crystal clear as well. Hopefully, one day the nation will restore its values and shine brightly as the nation in which unites and protects the people’s rights, instead of that country in which inflates many egos and destroys family values.
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