Self Management Skills : Displays Confidence Essay

Self Management Skills : Displays Confidence Essay

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Self-Management Skills: Displays confidence and remains in control when handling difficult or unfamiliar situations. Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility when handling change and proves able to work autonomously and efficiently. Adapts to change and accepts new assignments; Rebounds quickly from setbacks.

I am very disciplined when it comes to self-managing my responsibilities, both with very little or no direction. . I had no problem meeting the goals that I set for myself, neither the goals given to me. I took control of task from start all the way to the end, without dropping the ball because of incompetence. My ability to create and maintain my work schedule was both creative and efficient.

Teamwork: Demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain effective relationships both internally and externally. Willing to cooperate and be flexible when working with co-workers and management to complete a job, while always treating them with dignity and respect. Recognizes and respects differing opinions, approached differences with others in a respectful way; Acts with the team’s best interests in mind.

I am enthusiastic, energetic and always display positive behavior. I am very cordial and willing to help coworkers, and clients. I am a “team player” that views my own individual success is equally as imperative to group success. I am direct, straightforward, may be considered as dominating or perfectionist, but I am always honest and polite.
Technical/Job Knowledge: Demonstrates a thorough understanding and working knowledge of all elements of the job. This includes the various techniques and skills necessary for efficient completion of all tasks, while remaining up to date and understanding the impact of this on the re...

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...formance year, and how he/she will apply those learnings going forward. Manager should summarize the employees overall performance.
To conclude, looking back at 2015, I can close with saying that it has been a challenging yet successful year. Joining the team as an associate product manager, with very little experience in managing a product, I took a concept and created a tool that never existed before, and was determined that it would not be a failure like the legacy projects. Together with my team, we were successful in delivering one of the company’s top priorities for the year.
I am excited and enjoy what I do, and in many ways, I feel defined by my job and the work that I do, and not necessarily, by who I am. I am excited about 2016; I am ready to put in twice as much work than I did this year to help steer our newly branded company to shine in the industry.

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