Self Love Is True Love Essay

Self Love Is True Love Essay

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Self-Love is True Love

In the Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the play emphasizes how there is not one way to show love, whether this is showing love to others or to oneself. Each character tends to explicitly show love towards another person whereas; Maria shows her love in a different manner. In the first act we are able to see how Orsino shows love to Olivia by sending Cesario as a messager to wooe Olivia for Orsino. And because Olivia interacts with Cesario, Olivia falls in love with Cesario instead of Orisno. She shows her love towards him by giving him the materialism in a way of buying his love. In addition, Cesario falls deeply in love with her master Orsino that she knows that she is not able to have, but only imagine having. While Antonio shows his love towards Sebastian by saving his life and continuing look after him if ever in danger, Sebastian’s views love as only by psychical appearance; Olivia’s beauty made him fall in love with her at first sight. However, Maria cares more about her self and is self-sufficient. While she’s not one of those characters that explicitly demonstrate love to another individual, she does show love to herself. Maria’s action on loving herself before seeking a soul mate is valuable because she can’t give love to someone else before, she, gives love to herself, which is true lasting love and stabled love.
Love is found through self-love, and in order to love someone else one need to love oneself first. In this case this is the only way that true love will occur. In other words, not loving yourself means that you really don’t love the other person as you that you do. For example, in the play Cesario shows his lack of self-love when speaking to Orsino.
“And I, most jocund, apt, and billingsly...

... middle of paper ... for Olivia for a long time that she tends to care for her lady and Sir Toby. In this first act we are able to see how she is able to care for someone else such as Sir Toby because she has loved herself and is self-sufficient that she is able to extend this to someone else after having that stability for herself.
Shakespeare’s implies that Maria finally finds partnered love, Sir Toby, which this would be the true love that will last and be stable. Even though the main characters ended up together it appears that it is not true love as it appears. Olivia falls in love with Ceasario not knowing “him” well enough and marries enough and gets married to Sebastian him either. And this also applies to Sebastian when he accepts to get married with Olivia, not knowing her, but doing so because of her physical appearance. Thus, Maria has known Sir Toby for a long time now.

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