Self Leadership And The One Minute Manager Essay

Self Leadership And The One Minute Manager Essay

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The Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager is an excellent book. I felt that the other does an excellent job of sharing a story that connects the reader with three rules of self-leadership, development continuum and the leadership style that support the development continuum. The thesis of this journal is to share the lessons learned form the book, concepts of self-leadership that can be applied, goal setting, and the connection between Kotters eight-stage process of creating change connects with self-leadership.
Blanchard, Fowler and Hopkins (2005), identify three self-leadership challenges assumed restraints, celebrate your points of power, and collaborate success. Assuming restraints is referred to as Elephant syndrome, the author shares when an elephant is trained for the circus as a baby they tie a rope around his ankle and stake it into the ground. When the elephant get older they remove it, but in the elephants mind he assumes that he is still tied to the ground. Restraining him from taking off running. I believe this is natural for a lot of individuals, especially when one has been defeated. It become a constant reminder that, “I failed the last time, so Im going to fail again.” The truth is the individual is the one that can break free of those restraints. It’s being a self-leader and knowing that it’s okay to fail. Because trying and failing is better, not failing because you didn’t try. When working in an organization each individual has qualities of strengths. Some may have knowledge power, personal power, relationship power, task power, or position power. These powers are gifts that can help balance the organization and lead the organization to success. Lastly, when using these powers it’s important to collaborat...

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...ortance of self-leadership. Self-leadership begins with the individual. It’s taking the prior steps before introducing projects and change to colleagues with asking questions to you. What is the urgency? Who are the key stakeholders? What are my thoughts, opinions, and values on these changes? By beginning with you, then the next steps of working with colleagues and creating a plan can take place. It’s getting your needs meet before you can meet the needs of others. Lastly, setting goals that are relevant and tangible.
Self-leadership is the stepping-stone to being a great leader. “”Ultimately, it’s in your own best interest to accept Responsibilities for getting what you need to succeed in the workplace (Blanchard, Fowler and Hawkins, 2005).” It beings within, diagnose what you need to do in order to be successful. So then in return you can lead others to success.

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