Self Image And Its Effect On Life Essay

Self Image And Its Effect On Life Essay

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When people grow up and develop into adults, more often than not do they experience strong feelings towards themselves. They can range from immense joy or hatred which stems from their own experiences or viewpoints they have created over their life time. A self-image refers to the way people view themselves on an internal and external level. This image can flourish or distort over time if one continues to live with unhealthy life decisions, creating a wholly negative outlook on life and everyone they meet. In order to improve one 's self image, they must develop strategies to improve their health, attitude and viewpoints.
Improving one 's health is simpler than meets the eye. Taking a shower every day, brushing teeth or even drinking water can help immensely on the physical side. However, for the purposes of this essay, the mental side is what should be focused on instead. "If I can no longer assume that I know myself fully or the best, I find I must develop ways to ask others for help." (Mudde 542). When improving self image, it is essential to consider how one 's attitude affects them. For example, if one were to deny compliments received from a friend because they assumed they were wrong. In this situation, it is much better to accept the compliment and see oneself in a new light, not overreact and begin to analyze every action that seemed out of place. "Research also suggests that mastery goals buffer self-esteem against the threat of failure (Crocker et al., 2006)" (Moto 108), meaning that when one tries to become skilled in an area, it usually stems from an insecurity the person is trying to overshadow with it. This can be easily fixed instead with a change of outlook and attitude so long as that its not detrimental to one '...

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...rather than personally. "To reflect is thus at once to know things and top be a free subject, unencumbered by the physical weight and contingencies of objects, by one 's body, by one 's historical situation, by others." (Mudde 543). This quote embodies what it means to be self critical, and how important it is to always find meaning in one 's own way rather than it verify what they are in the first place.
When one attempts to develop their self-image they should make sure to use these methods in order to better themselves and the life they will lead in the near future. Losing track of oneself is common, but manageable with the right mindset. It is never to late to begin anew and start working towards a better tomorrow, because people are always learning. Learning new ways to live and better themselves by the day in order to make the most of what they were given.

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