Self Identity And Social Identity Essay

Self Identity And Social Identity Essay

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Accordingly, this paper will provide a conceptual discussion using relevant theory that critically analyses tensions between self-identity and social identity.

These theories propose that aspects of identity driving behaviour is dependent on the context. Foremost, identity theory is reflective of the correlation concerning the roles that people enact in society and then therefore, includes the identities that those roles exhibit (Hogg, et al., 1995, p. 266). Striker, followed by Tajfel and Turner, compose that social identity theory consist of two levels: personal identity and social identity (Hogg, et al., 1995, p. 255). In explaining that each individual is a dynamic entity with an inventory of personal and social identities, inclusive of one 's individual identity and subsequently of various social identities. Brewer and Sedikides insinuate that the individual self is a ‘constellation of traits and charachteristics that distingishes an individual’ (Brewer & Sedikides, 2016, p. 16) with the known ability to interperate and reinterperate influential environments and consequently, idiosyncratic identitys are reflexive interpersonal exchanges with others over the span of a persons lifetime.

Since establishing that the self is in fact the ‘primary actor’ (Cinoğlu & Arıkan, 2012, p. 1115) in the identity formation process, the work’s of Pierre Bourdieu, and his notion of distiction (Paterson, 2006, pp. 39, 43) also provides a sociological analysis that further considores the implemention of consumption and outwardly expressive roles in supporting identity formation. Increasingly, other theorists such as Veblon and Simmel observe stylisic considorations that also extend to consumption practices. It has been identified by Simmel t...

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...nfluences the self through its shared language and meanings that enable a person to take the role of the other, engage in social interaction, and reflect upon oneself as an object (Stets & Burke, 2003, p. 34).

In sum, for sociology and social psychology self and identity remain to be sources of interest and by comparing identity theory with social identity theory this paper has uncovered some critical observations. The overlaps that connect identity theory and social identity theory have been argued by theorists to have somewhat different consequences for identity and are equally important in understanding the self. This explanation underpins any tensions between self-identity and social identity as one’s self is inseparable from society for the reason that self can only be significant and meaningfully exist in its relation with other entities and individuals.

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