Self-Help Industry and Its Demands Essay

Self-Help Industry and Its Demands Essay

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Self-Help Industry and Its Demand

Have you ever walked by the “Self-Help” section in the bookstore? I have. What’s more, I even bought quite a few books that assured to help me lose weight, think positive and grow rich. Even though they are very inspiring and exciting to read, as my experience showed, it did not go further than that. Dr. Jim Taylor questions the extent of reliance on the self-help books for personal improvements: People are still looking for honest to goodness ways to change. let’s be really frank here, as George Carlin has also observed, “If you’re reading it in a book, folks, it ain’t self-help. It’s help.” But help is okay too as long as it actually, well, helps. Unfortunately, change has gotten a bad rap because of the self-help manufacturing; it has become a parody of itself and many of its leading supporters… (“Personal Growth: Is the Self-Help Industry a Freud?”). The self-help industry is in high demand because it privileges to provide the greatest value of personal growth and learning to individuals beyond a college education.
A connection between a confident worker, who is good at self-management, systematizing time and willing to pursue personal growth, and show business, is clear, as happy and positive employees tend to bring more income. Self-help industry is in demand, because it claims to provide self-improvement skills and it has grown rapidly within last few years. Melaine Linder outspeaks that, Americans spent $11 billion in 2008 on self-improvement books, CDs, seminars, coaching and stress-management programs (“What People Are Still Willing to Pay For?”). Now it is estimated to be a $10.4 billion market and it continues to increase. Although, not only good employers are looking for the ways of...

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...pective, especially regarding a way of life which enables you to make a difference to both yourself and your world (“What Is the Real Value of Self-Help Books?”).
To sum up, the self-help industry is popular, because it is selling a dream and promises to solve all our problems. We all want to be respected employees and change our lives in better way and cheapness of the self-help industry makes us pay our attention at it. According to Allen Pierleoni in our need to be better persons self-help industry is always there to support us: The thousands of these titles on the market and the millions of copies of them sold each year are testimony to our mutual need to improve ourselves — or at least read about it (“Do Self-Help Books Work?”). Overall, self-help books are worth to give them a try and who knows, maybe they will transform your life like you have never imagined.

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