Self Help : A Psychological Treatment Essay

Self Help : A Psychological Treatment Essay

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Self-help is defined as standardized psychological treatment that helps someone cope with personal and emotional problems without the need of professional help (van Spijker; Bergsma). Most people can try this form of treatment through home independently, by either a book or through the internet (van Spijker). The dictionaries definition of self-help is “the acts of helping or bettering oneself without the aid of others.”(Bergsma). There has been many trials that have shown the effectiveness of self-help. This self treatment reduces depressive symptoms, symptoms of anxiety, problem drinking, social phobia, and health problems such as headaches (van Spijker). The goal of these psychology books are not to ease the symptoms but to enhance personal strengths and functioning. These books are sending positive messages which shows the new developing positive psychology. One of the most clear reasons self-help books can work on anyone struggling to cope with difficult times is being able to accept that you have a problem and want to help yourself before “going public” and receiving help from adults or a professional. After reading the messages and encouragement it is expected that the readers may try and cope with whatever type of psychological problems they are experiencing (Bergsma). Self-help books are focused on specific psychological problems or choices in life. According to Bergsma, some of the mental problems and choices mentioned include:
There are books that explain how one can obtain emotional literacy, how to become engaged in activities as a way in which to attain happiness, if you should stay with or leave your partner, how to fight depression, how to stay sane in a crazy world, how to communicate with your partner...

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...ed to stay in the hospital after two months and he returned home. Henry then attempts to commit suicide again by stabbing himself three times in his stomach which made him badly injured. He was hospitalized for six weeks because of surgery and then was moved to a psychiatric unit where he stayed four months. They chose not to give him antidepressants and later henry revealed parts of his attempt to suicide, The goal after this all occurred was to make Henry to understand and accept the meaning of his attempt to suicide. He engaged in psychotherapeutic sessions, twice a week for forty minutes for four months. The evaluators of his therapy succeeded the goal including interpreting his suicide as if it were a dream to Henry. Also,the outcome of Henry’s therapy was considered a success (Thompson et al.). In fact, there has been twenty three clinical trials that involves

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