Self Fulfilling Prophecy : How Our Perceptions Can Influence Reality Essay

Self Fulfilling Prophecy : How Our Perceptions Can Influence Reality Essay

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There are many ways to influence the employee’s performance as a manager and understanding a self-fulfilling prophecy theory will play a very important role in influencing the employee’s performance. According to an article called Self-fulfilling Prophecy - How Our Perceptions Can Influence Reality, “A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to come true due to the simple fact that the prediction was made. This happens because our beliefs influence our actions.” (Self-fulfilling prophecy) As a result, the self-fulfilling prophecy suggests that a manager’s conscious or unconscious behaviour will affect positively or negatively on the employee’s behaviour in the work place. Through setting up the clear and unbiased expectation, understanding the manager’s behaviour towards the employee created by the manager’s expectations, and providing feedback on employee’s progress will help the managers enhance their employee’s performance.
First, in order to enhance an employee’s performance, a manager should set a realistic and reasonable expectation on employee’s performance. (Better management by perception) A manager can start forming the expectation based on the employee’s job descriptions or performance measures in order to achieve fair, consistent and realistic goals on employee’s performance. Using these tools will help a manager to stay consciously unbiased towards the specific employee and to take out the emotions. For example, I used a resource that is called “success profile” to assess my current baristas’ performance and to establish the expectation for them. As the success profile contains example behaviours and expectations on each position, I found this is a very effective tool to use. It helped my team to u...

... middle of paper ... to create the environment where our employees can be happy, motivated, appreciated and included. This is not created automatically. This is something that managers have to put effort in to creating the positive environment for our employee. The employees who are empowered can be more productive and a manager can achieve this through open communication, encouraging employee’s independence, clearly setting the expectation, encouraging failure and providing feedback. In addition, a manager should clearly understand the self-fulfilling prophecy process in order to bring the positive behaviour of the employees through setting up the clear and unbiased expectation, understanding the manager’s behaviour towards to employee created by the manager’s expectations, and providing feedback on employee’s progress will help the managers to enhance their employee’s performance.

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