Self-Evaluation for Children's Writing Essay

Self-Evaluation for Children's Writing Essay

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My inspiration came from books that I had read as a child. I remember reading books that talked about the mom or dad of the narrator, but the books were almost always sexually discriminatory. The mom role always worked jobs that a woman would typically work. Some examples are a veterinarian, a florist, a stay at home mom, a secretary, a babysitter and so on. The dad role always worked jobs that a man would typically work. Some examples are a doctor, a fireman, an accountant, a police officer, and so on. I used to look for books that would portray a mom role as a police officer, but never did I succeed. It was hard to not be able to see a woman in the career that I wanted to be as a little girl. At times it made me feel like maybe I should not become a police officer because it did not seem socially acceptable. Not only was it hard to find a police officer woman on a book, but also on the streets. As I was thinking about an idea to write the book, I remembered about the frustration I used to feel and decided I was going to make the mom role a police officer. I did not want this book t...

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