Self Esteem And Young Children Essay

Self Esteem And Young Children Essay

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Self-esteem is defined as, “the extent to which an individual believes him or herself to be capable, sufficient and worthy…the regard people hold for themselves as part of their self-concept” (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). Where does self-esteem begin? Self-esteem begins to develop in young children and has been linked to shyness (Chan & Wong, 2013). How a person was raised has a correlation to their self-esteem as a child and as an adult in the working world. Children that were ridiculed by their peers had a negative effect on self-esteem and led to shyness (Chan & Wong, 2013). Adults with a high self-esteem are linked to success (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). Self-esteem in the working world is about how we think within ourselves and how we portray ourselves to our coworkers and others around us. In this paper, I will discuss why I chose this topic, what you should know about this topic and how self-esteem relates to success in my personal and professional life.

In previous papers, I had mentioned that I did not do well in elementary, middle and high school. Self-esteem had an impact on my performance, not only academically but socially. Perhaps it was that I grew up sheltered in many ways due to the mistrust my mother had about other people, or her lack of education. I was also considered a minority, so others looked at me differently than they looked at other kids. I looked different, I could speak another language and I considered myself shy during those years. I tried to do well but always felt like I was a failure. When a teacher commended me on a job well done, I still felt like it was not all that great, yet a gesture to boost me up, because that is what an educator was supposed to do. During those years, I was no...

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... can be a part of destruction in one’s life or to be something that will carry us higher and higher to achieve more and be more. The topic of self-esteem relates to everything in my life. I have overcome so much personally and academically because I worked on my self-esteem. I believe it is something that is internal, as I have grown into this. I have worked on my self-esteem and did what I had to do to raise it and to believe that I am a good person, doing good things and making the world a better place for those around me. While I have come such a long way, I have made sure to let my children know when they have done a good job and give them much praise so that they are not struggling with self-esteem issues when they grow up. Nurturing our children at a young age will give them more opportunities as they grow up, so they are not shy and feeling inadequate.

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