Essay about Self Efficacy : Toward A Unifying Theory Of Behavioral Change

Essay about Self Efficacy : Toward A Unifying Theory Of Behavioral Change

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Bandura A. (1977). Self-efficacy: toward a unifying theory of behavioral change. Psychological Review, 84, 191-215.
Bandura is the first one to bring about concept of self-efficacy. This article presents the concept, four characteristics, and origins of self-efficacy. This article agrees on measuring self-efficacy in Likert scale. Bandura sets example for following research on self-efficacy, but shows limitations in defining it and scaling it.

Brusso, R. C., Orvis, K. A., Bauer, K. N., & Tekleab, A. G. (2012). Interaction among self-efficacy, goal orientation, and unrealistic goal-setting on videogame-based training performance. Military Psychology, 24(1), 1.
Recent research focuses on relationship between self-efficacy and other concepts in management, and empirical approach is widely adopted. This study selects a typical event, videogame-based training, to conduct experiment on relationship between self-efficacy and goal setting. This article finds that performance avoid goal orientation and self-efficacy jointly moderate the impact of the discrepancy for both trainees’ immediate subsequent performance and their rate of performance improvement across the training program. Besides the results, this article shows recent academic focus on self-efficacy, provides approaches to measure self-efficacy.

Cervone, D., Jiwani, N., & Wood, R. (1991). Goal setting and the differential influence of self-regulatory processes on complex decision-making performance. Journal of personality and social psychology, 61(2), 257.
This article uses managerial decision simulation to research relationship between goal setting and self-regulatory process, the latter of which are self-efficacy judgments and self-evaluative reactions...

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... between self-set performance goals and performance.

Tierney, P., & Farmer, S. M. (2002). Creative self-efficacy: its potential antecedents and relationship to creative performance. Academy of Management journal, 45(6), 1137-1148.
This article first gives definition of self-efficacy based on features of innovation area. Self-efficacy is the belief about whether they can achieve innovation results, and belief foundation of specific innovation activities that people are engaged in. This article test this new construct using data from two different firms. The results shows a support of discriminant validity of the construct. Job tenure, job self-efficacy, supervisor behavior, and job complexity contribute to creative efficacy beliefs. There is a difference between white-collar and blue-collar sample. A possible explanation is the difference between theory and practice.

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