Self Efficacy Of A Team Essay

Self Efficacy Of A Team Essay

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1. If a team member of yours had low self-efficacy toward a work task that you felt she/he could accomplish, what would you do?
Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in the ability to coordinate and complete a specific task (Phillips, & Gully, 2013). Teams are made up of individuals of varying capabilities, so a team member may have a low self-efficacy for a particular task that they could actually accomplish successfully. To increase self-efficacy in a team member motivating using verbal persuasion and encouragement may be effective (Koh, 2006). Breaking the task down into sections to increase opportunities to coach, motivate and encourage may be helpful in increasing self-efficacy. Being part of a successful team requires team efficacy. As a unit the team needs a high efficacy, and this can be accomplished by being supportive and motivating one another. Self-efficacy is situational in nature; however, increasing self-efficacy on one task may create a higher general self-efficacy, that in turn could help to raise self-efficacy on unfamiliar tasks (Phillips, & Gully, 2013). A general self-efficacy is an overall belief that one will be successful (Phillips, & Gully, 2013).
2. As a team leader, how can you effectively use knowledge of your team members’ learning styles to improve your coaching of them?
Visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic are sensory modalities (Phillips, & Gully, 2013). According to Bissell, White and Zivin, (as cited in Phillips, & Gully, 2013), sensory modalities are a system of interactions of one of the basic senses with the environment. For example, a visual learner, learns best by seeing; an auditory learner, learns best by hearing; a tactile learner, learns best by touching; and, a kinesthetic learner, lea...

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...airness, work ethic, competitiveness, cooperativeness, and compassion for fellow employees and customers” (Phillips, & Gully, 2013). An employee that is not a fit with the beliefs, mission and values of an organization will be unhappy and possibly spread negativity to team members, regardless of how qualified the employee is for the job. An extreme example of a bad person-organization fit, would be hiring an employee that opposes genetically modified crops, to work for an organization that specializes in genetically modified crops. It will not matter how good the employee is at the actual position, because the employee will never be happy, or see the organization in a positive light. This can cause the spread of negativity not only within the organization, but likewise in the public eye, which makes it imperative to sustain a person-organization fit with employees.

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