The Self Directed Search ( Sds ) Essay

The Self Directed Search ( Sds ) Essay

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Assessment Component
The main assessment tool that will be used will be the Self-Directed Search (SDS). This test was designed to measure personality type and interest in six different occupational groups. There are various forms for different ages but its’ suggested use is for high school students, college students, and adults. The test is available on the Web (Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2013).
The Self-Directed Search is a career intervention based on John Holland’s RIASEC theory (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional). The basic form of the SDS consists of several booklets designed to be self-scored and self-administered, however, it is also available online. It simulates what a practitioner and an individual might do together in a counseling session (e.g., review preferred activities and occupations, and review competencies and abilities)
Rationale for Using the SDS
The SDS was developed to multiply the number of people a counselor can serve and to provide a vocational counseling experience for people who do not have access to counselors. The SDS multiplies counselor services by eliminating or reducing the time needed to proctor, mail, score, and interpret. It also eliminates unnecessary individual counseling. Consequently, counselors have more time for people who need individual counseling, and for program planning and evaluation (Walsh, 2013).
Traditionally, interest inventories have been evaluated only in terms of their reliability and validity. These psychometric characteristics are important, but the impact of taking an interest inventory is equally important. The interest inventory is both an assessment of vocational potential and vocational treatment and studies show that the S...

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...nd daily survival and basic needs. However, regardless of the diversity in our schools, I believe we must focus on producing valuable citizens and work with our students to ensure their futures are successful.
By designing this program in the format of a class meeting weekly, I believe the students will take ownership of their learning outcomes. Although this format does require students to attend class, they are allowed the freedom to explore and research potential careers that would be best for them based on their skills, personalities, and interests. Students appreciate the freedom of making choices and will have buy in by being allowed to have input in their futures. For the most part, we are driven by having a purpose and the need for acceptance and approval, therefore, giving students the ability to make their own decisions is beneficial in multiple ways.

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