Essay about Self Directed, Intrinsically Motivated, Active Learner

Essay about Self Directed, Intrinsically Motivated, Active Learner

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There are several facets to the personality that one might describe as a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner. The first and most important aspect of this type of student is that they not only take ownership of their own learning process, but that they rejoice in the experience of it. More specifically, this individual will set goals, keep track of where they are at on their way to these goals, and understand that master of a subject and the knowledge gained from it is inherently valuable, regardless of what other rewards may come along with it, (Deci, E. L., Ryan, R. M., 2000). He or she will also explore the subjects they study more deeply than just what the course curriculum allows for, and with true understanding, will eventually begin to synthesize this learning into their greater body of knowledge, allowing them to see a ever more connected world (University of the People, 2016).

While this type of student will respect their instructors for what can be learned from their experience, they will also value the opinions of their classmates, seeking to exchange ideas with them, even working together in collaboration toward new and higher levels of academic achievement and understanding. They may even take pride in watching others learn. Just as they wish to be as informed about the subject matter at hand as possible, so too will they wish to understand their education environment, and the resources available to them, and will not be afraid to take advantage of these for the benefit of theirs and others educations. Finally, this super student will be able to apply what they have learned in valuable ways to real life, allowing them greater fulfillment and satisfaction (University of the People, 2016). O...

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...sess my strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities; and, frankly, helps me see how well I did. It is crucial in motivating me, both through the pride I feel in having performed well, and in the humility I learn in areas where I didn 't.
I would add a brief step six, which is that I never give up (Cobb, J., 2013). A long time ago I was taught that time, patience, and perseverance can accomplish all things. To this day, I believe it. Thus, regardless of my conclusions regarding my personal performance, or how I feel about it, I continue to move forward; revisiting subjects I struggled with over and over, and delving deeply into ones that I felt strong in. Together, this whole approach has turned the classroom setting from a place where I was required to be by everyone 's rules but my own, to the place I feel most comfortable and where I most desire to be.

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