Essay on Self-Contained Classrooms and Emotional Behavioral Disturbed

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When employing and designing a research experiment, it is imperative for researchers to comprehend the thesis statement presented in depth. One technique to interpret and understand a research thesis statement is to dissect the thesis statement. In other words, it is important to categorize key vocabulary or concepts present in thesis statement. It is also important to examine past research conducted based on key concepts. Subsequently, in examining the thesis statement, this mixed method research design seeks to examine to what extent does social skills, self-management, behavioral modification strategies benefit middle school boys in self-contained classrooms classified with an Emotional Behavioral Disturbed (EBD), the following key concepts were examined: Social skills, self-management, behavioral modification, strategies (in classroom), self contained classrooms, and Emotional Behavioral Disturbed (EBD).
Self-Contained Classrooms
Apaydin and Seckin (2013) investigated the following research questions:"1. What are the civilized behaviors in the classroom according to the teachers and students? 2.What are the emotions of the teachers and students towards these behaviors? 3.What are the uncivilized behaviors in the classroom according to the teachers and students? 4. What are the emotions of the teachers and students towards these behaviors"(p. 2394)? In their finding they concluded, Civilized behaviors of the teachers in the classroom according to the student's view closely correlated with "educational themes" and "personal." Students responded to civilized actions by teachers with positive emotions, positive emotions towards teacher, and positive emotion towards the curriculum presented. Civilized beha...

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...tor positive growth, just as they would in real-world situations. Students must be taught social skills in areas they lack appropriate behavior. These social skill lesson may include the following: Getting the teacher's attention, accepting decisions for authority, accepting criticism or consequences, choosing appropriate words to say, listening to others, and expressing empathy and understanding, etc. All of these social skills topic are necessary to efficiently function in society. Although, many research studies mentioned developed, well-thought out strategies to utilize in the classroom for students with EBD, few presented ways to incorporate self-management elements in student's long-term success. Instruction that revolves around behavior modification, social skills is truly what students classified as EBD need to increase success through primary years.

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