The Self Consists Of Perspectives : Views About Ourselves, Others, And Social Life

The Self Consists Of Perspectives : Views About Ourselves, Others, And Social Life

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The self consists of perspectives: views about ourselves, others, and social life that arise out of our experiences and interactions with others. (Wood, pg. 178). Along with society, the self is shaped by the perspectives of individuals who matter to us. These people are known as particular others and include mothers, fathers, siblings, peers, and other people who are significant to us during our early years. (Wood, pg. 182).

1. Mom- She taught me from a young age that there will be good times and bad times. Getting through the bad times builds character and if I can do that, I can get through anything. My mom made the list for obvious reasons. I’ve know her all my life and she has had a tremendous impact. More than words can express.

2. Dad- I know to seldom rely on people for anything. My dad made sure to instill this in me. If there is something I want and my parents aren’t able to give me at the exact time, I should do without rather than ask someone. Like mom, my had has been there since day one and has a tremendous impact on my life.

3. Little Brother- Growing up with my brother was like having a sibling and a child. Because of him, I know how to care for someone and love them unconditionally although we may have times when we butt heads. Although my brother wasn 't around for my whole life, I’ve been around for his and I have watched him grow and mature from a baby to young man.

4. Grandma- The most selfless person I know. She has taught me to put the need of others before myself and if I am able to help out in any way, I should. I lived with my grandma for a few years and she has touched me in ways not many people have. She made this list because she is an overall amazing person and I can not imagine life without her....

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...He made my list because he prepared me for differences in opinions that I’ll have to face in the future.

Who am I? I am an independent person that relies little on the help of others. An optimistic person that can face adversity and still come out victorious. A selfless person that puts the needs of others before herself. A confident person that acknowledges her strengths and weaknesses, but uses them both to her advantage. A significant other that can care for someone else, but not lose herself in the process. An athlete that can adapt to uncomfortable situations. A friend that can see potential in herself and others. A hard worker that will not settle for anything less than her best. A student that uses jealousy of others to fuel her to be even better than before. And finally, a daughter that has matured from a young child to blossoming, determined woman. I am me!

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