Self Care As A Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Essay example

Self Care As A Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Essay example

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Self-Care Emphasis in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs
The importance and need for self-care has already been expounded upon. Moreover, I highlighted the apparent divide between research and acknowledgment on behalf of psychologists understanding the potential negative effects on themselves and those that they treat and subsequently not engaging in self-care behaviors. In addition, some suggestions for self-care at the individual level were discussed, now we turn to literature in the area of self-care at the programmatic level.
Recent studies pertaining to students’ perception of self-care promotion within their respective training programs indicate a lack of attention to self-care initiatives. Munsey (2006) found that 83% of students did not receive any written material on stress management or self-care during their training. In addition, 59% of the students sampled felt that their training program did not promote an atmosphere of self-care (Munsey, 2006). Consistent with the self reports from students found by Munsey (2006), more recent research found that the majority of clinical psychology doctoral programs do not provide online materials in the area of self-care. Bamonti et al. (2014) assessed online materials of 177 clinical psychology doctoral programs in order to discover the extent to which they placed importance on wellness practices. The researchers found only 44 of the 177 programs (25%) mentioned topics related to self-care (i.e. self-care, work-life balance, and burnout) in their clinical psychology student handbooks (Bamonti et al., 2014). The authors praised the University of Denver and Auburn University for the inclusion of statements that referenced holistic and proactive self-care practices and the...

... middle of paper ..., encouraging outdoor activities, and encouragement on behalf of faculty and peers to take time for self-care are effective strategies to promote wellness in graduate training. The authors noted that following the study students who participated in the program subsequently organized a wellness committee that integrated wellness initiatives (e.g. yoga classes, outdoor activities) into other organizational activities (e.g. social events, mentoring program, community service, and professional development). From this, the authors implicate that commitment in students to self-care may elicit others to do the same. Although the pilot study was conducted on masters-level counseling students, the researchers provide preliminary evidence to suggest that training programs can incorporate wellness and self-care as a part of graduate training.
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