The Self Assessment Test Shows People Their Areas Of Strengths And Weaknesses

The Self Assessment Test Shows People Their Areas Of Strengths And Weaknesses

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The self-assessment test shows people their areas of strengths and weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). In order to achieve success people must learn to use their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The first step in this process is learning which skills are strengths and which are weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). After taking the test I was pleased to find I had more strengths than weaknesses. However, the test brought to light issues that I did not realize could be hindering my success. My management skills need the most improvement.
My five weakest areas were self-management and emotional control, time management, money management, energy level, and seeking support (Bethel University, 2014). Common themes I found in my weaknesses were the management and control skills. I notice when I am stressed in one area of my weaknesses it tends to affect the other areas as well. When I am stressed out and do not feel like I have control over my emotions, I start to lose control of my money management and time management skills. My energy level always seems low and that is often affected by my time-management skills. Recognizing this pattern can help me control these weak areas.
Five of my strengths include determination positive visualization, honesty and integrity, goal setting, and ability to adapt (Bethel University, 2014). I have always had a great imagination and have been a daydreamer. These traits have allowed me to set clear goals for myself and face challenges with ease. My determination has benefited my life the most; I never give up on anything I start and never let setbacks deter me from achieving my goals.
I plan to capitalize on my strengths and build on my weaknesses to achieve success. My strengths will keep ...

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...elines are overlooked. When writing an APA formatted paper, the writer must maintain awareness that deviating from the style can confuse the reader (Seas, Brizee. 2016). Once APA is learned, its challenges become few and it’s advantages become prominent.
Advantages of APA formatting is this style gives credit to the original research and builds a common guideline for instructors to grade off of (Bethel University. 2014). Proper citation and referencing are important when writing a research paper. The references add merit to the writer 's opinions by showing the reader these opinions are reinforced with solid research (Bethel University. 2014). The grading process is another advantage to using APA formatting. The instructor does not have to read papers written in different writing styles while trying to get the message out of the paper (Bethel University. 2014).

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