Selective Optimization With Compensation Model Of Aging Essay

Selective Optimization With Compensation Model Of Aging Essay

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It is a well-known fact that everyone gets “old” we all grow up to take on responsibilities and become adults as it is a part of life. What individuals may not know, is that there are many ways to approach adulthood and going through a positive aging process. There are many models that discuss the aging process, however, the Selective Optimization with Compensation Model of Aging is one that should be viewed as most helpful in understanding the aging process and how to be a successful, positive adult. The Selective Optimization with Compensation Model of Aging is a model that has the basic assumption that individuals engage in adaptation throughout their lives, individuals adapt through life being capable of learning and changing.
There are three aspects of the SOC Model of Aging, the first being selection, which refers to the developing and commitment to personal goals. Throughout the lifespan, individuals are presented with biological and social opportunities to use towards a set of lifetime goals. Selection can direct development, due to personal goals that guide and organize one 's behavior. Optimization focuses on behaviors that maximize the quality of life-based on the completion of desired goals and or the desired outcome of a goal. Optimization is goal-relevant, the means of a goal need to be acquired, applied and refined to be able to reach the desired goal. Optimization is very important in older adults because once a goal is accomplished, the older adult feels more accomplished and is happier with themselves than those who do not accomplish their desired goals. Lastly, compensation, which is essentially finding new strategies or ways around something if a loss were to occur or if a plan did not go as planned. An ex...

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...ore aware of what ageism is, and factors of aging that are both positive and negative, I find myself able to challenge the myths and stereotypes regarding older adulthood. It is because I am aware of them now, that I can work towards not becoming the “stereotypical old person.” There are many older adults who live healthy, active lives without portraying such stereotypes and are successful and happy with their aging, which is something I hope to have when I am older.
Now with more knowledge towards the aging process, I can say without a doubt that the SOC Model of Aging will become something I use on a daily basis. I am more aware and more conscious of the aging process and how to make my own aging positive and successful. If I set goals, manage my lifestyle in a healthy and happy way, and achieve my goals I can become the version of myself I have always wanted.

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