Essay on Selection From Love 2.0 And Outside Research

Essay on Selection From Love 2.0 And Outside Research

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Barbara Fredrickson, “Selection from Love 2.0” and outside research
In The New Humanities Reader edited by Richard E. Miller and Kurt Spellmeyer. We read about Barbara Fredrickson the author of the book “Love 2.0” copy right (2013). Barbara Fredrickson is a psychologist who show in her research how our supreme emotion affects everything we Feel, Think, Do and become. Barbara also uses her research from her lab to describe her ideas about love. She defines love not as a romance or stable emotion between friends, partners and families, but as a micro-moment between all people even stranger (108). She went farther in her interpretation of love and how the existence of love can improve a person’s mental and physical health (107). Through reading Frederickson work, you will have a new perspective of what love is and how it is achieved.
In a competitive consumption society like our own, I believe adopting Barbara Fredrickson knowledge of love can be of great help in a cheating relationship. According to this source “My Wife Committed Suicide Because I Caught Her Cheating”, is about a couple who had been married over seven years with three children. The woman was caught cheating on her husband when her husband use her phone to call a co-worker before leaving for work. Afterward, she took her phone and mistakenly dial the same number, thinking it was her lover’s number. Her husband co-worker told him about what had happened. When her husband came home from work and confronted her about it, she initially denied the allegation but later admitted to engaging in extra-marital affairs. When her husband threatened her that he was going to report it to her family, she committed suicide. In Barbara Fredrickson work she said “A bond like this ...

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...with her financially needs, she’s falls for a man who showers her with money and gifts. By relating this to Fredrickson research, she shows us that “Love, as it turn out nourishes your body the way the right balance of sunlight, nutrient- rich soil and water nourish”(107). Fredrickson meant to say that love can be felt in so many ways. Being in a relationship, partner should always be there for each other caring and taking up their responsibilities. It should not be a one sided thing. I also believe that by giving your best and doing the right thing can lead you to a happier and healthy relationship. Therefore exploring Fredrickson work to solve these issues, couples needs to have self-control, be loyal to each other and putting in more time in your relationship or marriage. By staying focus and having positive mind set can lead you to happy and fulfilling marriage.

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