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Opportunities come and go and I am here in the University writing my first paper because I have decided to seize the opportunity. My family will be proud and in turn I will be proud as I walk this journey of achievement. While reading this paper, I will lead you on a short narrative of my personal life experiences this far. I will help you to get to know me and understand who I am as a wife, mother and now a college student. Included are examples of adult development theories I have learned over the past few weeks.
Growing up I did not understand many things, and in recent years I have realized just how amazing my parents really are, and how fortunate I am to be their daughter. I was raised in a traditional Christian home with my parents, Robert and Muriel Osterloh. In my family we had Sunday supper at the local cafeteria after church with the extended family, which is almost everyone in the area. Also, every Monday night mom, dad, granddad, grandma Osterloh and I would all go to dinner and spend the evening together. We enjoyed this tradition for many years. Another fond memory is that my grandparents loved to walk around inside the mall. They would rise early and walk the mall for an hour or so every day. On one of those days while walking, my granddad suffered a heart attack, and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. He was attended by doctors and nurses in an age restricted area, and I was not able to see him before he left this earth to meet our Lord.

The well being of family was always the most important thing to my grandfather and he made sure every member of the family felt loved and accepted. I was in third grade when we lost him. My dad lost his best friend. It seemed to me that my dad’s wind was taken away f...

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... not an option, it is a must in today’s society. We all deserve to have an education. If you work hard, goals and dreams can be realized. Once I obtain my degree from Ashford my ultimate goal is to pursue a position as an advocate for children with special needs. I would be truly honored to be given an opportunity to work in this field. On day while visiting the Ashford University library, I came across this quote ''I firmly believe that love is essential to a healthy old age -love of oneself and the ability to love someone besides oneself.” I love my family and it is my desire to work with special needs children and their families. (NY Times, 1987 p24)

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