The Segregation Of The United States Military Essay example

The Segregation Of The United States Military Essay example

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The United States military has to go through many cultural shifts over the entirety of its existence with the most recent change being the repeal of the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy that fully allowed gays to serve openly in the military. This was a huge step to allow the lesbian, gay and bisexual community to have happy lives and successful military careers. The one major concern that was missed in the repeal of this law was the allowance of transgender individuals to serve in the United States Military. There are several reasons as to why the ban on transgenders serving has yet to be lifted. An old concept that was one of the main reason women were not allowed to serve for so long is that the military is historically a man’s world. Another aspect for the lack of inclusion of transgenders in the military is there is not a policy governing where exactly to house transgenders and what type of physical requirements do these individuals have to meet. The largest obstacle that is keeping the ban on transgenders out of the military is the medical aspect. All of these hurdles in the way for transgenders to join the military have solutions and many of the United States Allies have changed policy and America can learn from these Allies. The military must rescind its ban on transgender people from serving and recognize that there is nothing that should be stopping these American’s from serving their country.
When you are discussing the military it is important to understand history. Historically the military has been a man’s world and traditionally when recruiting people for the military there is a desire to recruit “real men” to serve. This historic thought process is already putting woman and gays behind the curve. In more recent hi...

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...the military, is all that is needed to end this ban due to medical reasons.
Thousands of men and woman serving in the United States military are in difficult positions, they are caught in between living a happy life and not having to be closeted about who they really are and fulfilling their desire to have a successful military career. As there is a culture shift in America right now this ban on transgenders serving in the military needs to be lifted as soon as possible. There is no reason to keep the ban. Whether the ban is due to the way the culture thinks, social situation or medical aspects there are answers to all of these questions. Unlike the “Don’t ask Don’t tell policy’ that was a united States law the ban on Transgenders is just military policy and with a little research and education this policy is looking as though it will be changing in the near future.

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