Segmentation Of A Target Segment Strategy Essay

Segmentation Of A Target Segment Strategy Essay

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Target Segment Strategy
Segmentation of market can be used to target the market in small parts by FMG Stadium, that can facilitate the calculation of most attractive segment. They can invest their resources on particular groups of people, concentrate on them and make them customers.
Demographic segmentation
Geographically segmentation
Customer Relation Strategy
The FMG stadium should improve their relations with customers. They also need to improve their contacts with them. Through this strategy, FMG stadium should also focus on possibilities of their new customers, instead of existing customers. This strategy will increase the profitability, update all the process and connected with their customers.
Strategy Elements
Interaction with customer Frequent communication can help to maintain relationship with customer: -
 Stadium can update upcoming activities through electronic and social media to aware the people and receive the comments of customers.
 On stadium website has online chat option to get any information of FMG stadium in case of difficulties and for help.

Appealing new customers  To invite new customers, provide outstanding service. If stadium provide outstanding facilities to their customers like free Wi-Fi, great food service and some other exciting activities. Then definitely people will come frequently and they will also tell about stadium services to other people.

Exciting activates for long term relations with customers  Rugby is New Zealand’s national game, so all people are crazy about it. Stadium can organise events for sports lovers to provide them a chance to play rugby with their favourite players.
 Stadium can organise events in schools and colleges and distribute promotional passes of rugby ...

... middle of paper ... the competitors.

To develop distribution strategy
For distribution of products the stadium management should apply some latest strategies for attractive and effective distribution of products. Stadium management need to analysis of attractive offers & services to the target customers such as Kiwi products, Maori culture products which are mainly fascinate to local audiences.
Many channels can be used to distribute offers such as telemarketing, promotional emails, e-commerce product distributions.
Online sale: Pre booking offers while game events. Different sell of goods & services which are offered online. During game event distribution of order products such as drinks, food or gift items. Personal pick up facility or delivery on the customer booked seats. These type of activities will increase the sell and good distribution service will attract more customers.

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