The Seeds of American Independence Essay

The Seeds of American Independence Essay

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Historically, the importance and success of colonization was greatly reliant on the degree and speed at which the colonies became independent. The policy of salutary neglect that was in effect during the period between 1690 and 1763, used as a strategy to enhance colonization, was a potential example of how when left to their own devices, American colonies could positively contribute to the mother country’s welfare. Britain’s use of this “hands off” policy demonstrated their hope that Britain could maintain control of their American colonies while tending to their needs as a greater country. For the period leading up to the 1750s, though Britain’s policy of salutary neglect was enabling the American colonies to become self-sufficient leading them to be more independent, they were choosing to model their society after that of Britain.
In the years prior to 1750, even as additional colonies were coming under control of the king, the British were unsure about what their level of influence should be over the colonies. During this time, England was embroiled in many wars, involving both the colonies and the rest of Europe, distracting them from governing the colonies. Additionally, the main source of authority was in the Privy Council, admiralty, and the treasury, all of which were responsible for monitoring both Britain and the oversea colonies. This dual leadership did not benefit the colonies since none of the authorities were able to exclusively concentrate on colonial affairs. Furthermore, out of all of the London officials governing the colonies, the majority of them knew little about the conditions in America and even less had actually been overseas to visit the colonies. As a result, each of the colonies instituted some form o...

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...y choice, as it was at this time that the colonies were becoming more independent. Overtime, however, Britain and the colonies came to resent each other which resulted in the colonies becoming increasingly independent by distancing themselves from the British. This was due to the fact that British had incurred substantial debt during the French and Indian War which they ultimately tried to finance by taxing the colonists. The colonists, however, were unwilling to be taxed by the British. They did not believe that Britain, after a period of salutary neglect, should be permitted to return to direct rule, in this case through the imposition of taxes. Instead the colonists believed that there should be “no taxation without representation”. This caused the colonies to join together and rebel against the British and their policies in the form of the American Revolution.

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