The Security Of A Security Essay

The Security Of A Security Essay

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This paper focusses on the analysis of the importance of the security baselines by critically looking at the significance of this security baselines on the computer operating system, application system, and various computer network components. This paper, therefore, strives to provide the organizations that do not have security guidelines in place reasons to adopt them by clearly laying down the benefits that will trickle down to them and the security risks they will be protected against.

The security baseline is a set of minimum security controls that are required for securing and safeguarding an information system. The creation and maintenance of a security baseline is an ongoing process, and it requires full cooperation and support by some departments within the information technology environment. The main aim of coming up with a security baseline is the promotion and strengthening of the security of the organization 's computers and computing assets. The creation of a security baseline is usually in conjunction with the coming up with the security policy and the IT security department. Thus, the adoption of security baselines is a useful part of an organizations’ security policy.
A security baseline lays down a set of basic security objectives that any given service or system must meet. The whole process of security baselining requires the configuration of the information technology environment to adapt to consistent levels and standards. The standards for the various types of systems are meant to enhance the security of the host, allow more efficient use of resources and time and make it easier to provide the users technical support. This is necessitated by ensuring that the systems comply with an alrea...

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...onclusion, unless the various security baselines elements are addressed, the use of additional security technologies and other features seem typically useless. For example, if in a network, if a default access account and password are left active while on a network infrastructure device, the attackers need not use any sophisticated attack as they can easily log into the device and do whatever malicious plans that they have in mind (Bishop, 2003). This calls for a need for a network-based security baseline. The adoption of security baselines systems is an important step in ensuring more secure computers and computer networks. A secure information technology infrastructure is more efficient and effective. It is, therefore, important to convince organizations to adopt baseline security standards that will result to reduced risks by eliminating vulnerabilities.

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