Security Issues of Ambient Networks Essay

Security Issues of Ambient Networks Essay

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In this essay we will present security issues of a networking concept referred to as ambient networks, which aims to enable the cooperation of heterogeneous networks belonging to different operator or technology domains. In this way, it appears as homogeneous to the users of the network services.

Providing security in ambient networks is a huge challenge. The main reason is that the traditional security model is not valid anymore. Traditional security assumes that there is a vulnerable channel between communicating parties, where eavesdropping, modification of messages or denial of service attacks can occur. But it also assumes that the sender and receiver operate in some form of secure environment. Hence all models of attacks focus on the channel. Due to the distributed nature of ambient networks, the attack can be anywhere on the communication channels and on the devices. The attacker has the advantage that he can choose the easiest entry.

Ambient network is the future network which refers to environment where we can communicate with anyone anywhere anytime. The current most emerging area of Ambient network is Ambient Intelligence. Ambient Intelligence is a distributed network of intelligent devices that provides us with information, communication and entertainment.” “Ambient Intelligence is a network of hidden intelligent interfaces that recognize our presence and mould our environment to our immediate needs.” “Ambient Intelligence refers to an exciting new paradigm in information technology, in which people are empowered through a digital environment that is aware of their presence and context and is sensitive, adaptive and responsive to their needs, habits, gestures and emotions.” Ambient Intell...

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